24th November, 2023 News

On the 24th of November new Orthokin Center is licensed in Da Medika Polyclinic. Orthokin therapy will be applied in all standard indications ( knee, hip, shoulder, hand, foot, ankle joint; tendon injuries and inflammations) and will be provided by Nemanja Damjanov MD PhD, Profesor of Internal Medicine, Rheumatologist

28th May, 2023 News

The topic of the last episode of ,,Zdravo misli sa Dr Katarinom Bajec” was knee pain and treatment options. The guest was Prof. Dr. Vladan Stevanovic, orthopedist from the Institute of Orthopedics in Banjica. Among other things, Dr Stevanovic spoke about a new branch of orthopedics - orthobiology, which includes Orthokin therapy. Dr Stevanovic has many years of positive experience in the application of the mentioned therapy, and you can hear his opinion on the indications and advantages of Orthokin therapy below.

1st December, 2022 News

On the 1st of December 2022. new Orthokin center is licensed in Euromedik medical center where therapy will be applied for all standard indications (knee, hip, shoulder osteoarthritis, tendinitis) including spine (disc prolapse, faset osteoarthritis, local back pain). First Orthokin therapy was applied by Ass. dr sci. med. Slavica Prodanovic. Introducing Euromedik as a new licensed center, Othokin therapy is now available in all leading private healthcare institutions in Serbia and accessible to even larger number of patience.

5th April, 2022 News

On the 5th of April 2021 new Orthokin center was licensed and opened in Zdravlje Health policlinic . Orthokin therapy will be provided by orthopedist dr Miodrag Bogosavljević. In near future we expect other orthopedists from this policlinic to get involved in Orthokin application. We wish many success and good treatment results to our associates from Zdravlje Health.

7th December, 2021 News0

OsteoNS 2021. was held in Novi Sad on 9.11.2021.

As part of the lecture “Intraarticular treatment of osteoarthritis under ultrasound control” prof. Nemanja Damjanov, a rheumatologist, spoke about the results of the study, “Efficacy and safety of ACS (Orthokin) injections compared to Betamethasone and placebo injections in the treatment of chronic shoulder pain due to supraspinatus tendinopathy“.